I have been blessed with healing in this ministry from day one. When I first came to see Long-life, I had been on antidepressants and antipsychotics for over 10 years. Without them, I didn’t think I could be a functional person. I lived in fear and bondage. With the help of acupuncture and spiritual guidance from Pat, I have been completely free of any medication for over 2 years! Glory be to God!! 

I have found joy and peace in God’s word through Pat’s healing anointing and ministry. I have also received improvement in healing after a car wreck as well. It is amazing! I always feel improvement after coming in for a session. I am expecting complete healing and full restoration! Jeremiah 30:17

The whole team is wonderful! I feel how much they care about my healing and they have stood with me through difficult times and expected healing alongside me through the power of God’s promises. I cannot express my gratitude enough as I continue to heal more and more daily. 

I’ll be back for my next appointment today. Patrick is not just a highly skilled practitioner, he listens to what’s going on physically, emotionally, spiritually and works gently and prayerfully during treatment without ever making me feel uncomfortable. The sense of peace in that place is amazing. I will go as long as necessary, and as I am able I will sow back into this amazing healing work. See you guys later this morning!

Patrick and Jeremy are wonderful, very knowledgeable and take their time to explain what they’re doing and how everything works with acupuncture. I look forward to time in the word and prayer during the session, it’s really a mind, body, and spiritual experience! Thank you! Oh and I can’t forget about the staff, always so welcoming and friendly! Thanks!

I just left my first appointment and I have never felt more relaxed in all my life. The staff was very friendly and I enjoyed a relaxing foot soak while I waited. Patrick took the time to hear all about my ailments and concerns. I’m looking forward to my next visit and am 100% confident that acupuncture is going to work.

I can’t even begin to explain how Long Life Ministries has blessed my life. I just had my second session of acupuncture, I am floating on clouds. The staff is professional, friendly and is attentive to my needs. My favorite part is when a prayer is said before my session. This is a God centered place.

They helped a lot with all my pain issues, not to mention I left there a new Woman!! Jeremy is great!

I am very grateful for your compassion, effective acupuncture and Spirit led ministry!

Nothing short of amazing. Very caring people who really know how to heal.

I can’t say how much I’m BLESSED by Long Life Ministries.
Every staff person involved with Long Life has been so friendly, patient and kind to me. I’m so thankful for each person there. Each week I am given hope, a listening ear, a thoughtful prayer, words of encouragement and a smile.
I have hope that with each acupuncture session, I will just get more relief. I LOVE my herbal blend tea, I look forward to drinking it each time and I know it’s helping me. Thank you so much for your care!

I can’t say enough kind things about this agency and it’s employees. The kindness, the love, the healing….it’s changing my life and I am forever grateful for their compassion and what they have done for my healing process. I felt results after my very first appointment. The level of relaxation is unexplainable! I am sleeping at night now and haven’t for about two years. True examples of the spirit. I am forever grateful.

 After a head injury in 2003, I had migraines almost every day; if not weekly. When I came to see Jeremy Long for the first time three years ago, I was lying on the table relaxing and it felt like plaque broke loose in my head and disappeared. I now have fewer migraines thanks to God and Jeremy!

This is the testimonial of my experience with Long Life Ministries. I was going to try to stop smoking after 40 years so I chose to try acupuncture. I’m on Social Security with a very limited budget. They have given me treatments and never asked for a fee. I try to pay when I can. But they have never given me anything but the best. With their help and God’s support I have been eight weeks without smoking. And I’m very thankful they are there.

I have been coming for 3 years, it is a very special place, blessed by God. Both Patrick and Jeremy are wonderful young men, making a difference in so many people’s lives. Especially mine.

So many great things to say about this place.

My mother has gone to Patrick off and on for acupuncture. She loved it and I truly believe that God has used it to heal her. She gets a tea from you guys that has helped her a lot. Would you happen to have her mix on hand that I could purchase for her for Christmas?

Dear Patrick and Jeremy,

Thank you so much for all the help you’ve given me in my visits there, caring, and prayers. I was in today and wanted to say again how much I appreciate you being there.

Patrick, It was so good to see you on my way out at the desk today. I had to be somewhere so wasn’t super talkative but wanted to know was so good to be able to greet, say hi to each other.

Jeremy, Thanks always for your humble, caring spirit.

Patrick…the acupuncture, prayers, and oils were all a real blessing. Greatly blessed to have this appointment on my 30th anniversary of ministry…I have to have something to keep this old minister going for another 30 years! haha Prayers and many continued blessings on your amazing ministry at Long Life…and all your wonderful family!

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” I would love to share with you the treatment and healing I have been receiving through the hands of those at Long Life Ministries. Just a few short days before my first visit I found myself in our back bedroom crying out to God about my failing health. He had heard it many times before. I am 58 years old and have suffered with chronic asthma my whole life. Living on steroids, epinephrine, inhalers, nebulizers, and lots of antibiotics, and still trying to catch my breath. In the year 2000 I celebrated by finding out I had contracted hepatitis C while working in the OR, and just recently was diagnosed with COPD. Lying in that bed I had lost hope. I remember praying for God to give me wisdom and knowledge about where to go from here. To be perfectly honest, I was done. I had done all that the medical professionals had told me and still no relief. I was anxious, depressed; I wanted to die. The very next day my daughter called me about her first acupuncture treatment at Life Long Ministries. She spoke of going in for a bad migraine and leaving without one. Needless to say, I made an appointment and got in the next day. I saw Jeremy (an acupuncturist and herbalist); he was so patient and kind. He gave me an acupuncture treatment, some Chinese herbs, and asked if he could pray for me. I said yes! When I left that day I knew I was in the right place. I’ve taken lots of medication my whole life, but they only masked my problems, and caused more side effects. Shortly after receiving my first treatment I saw a daily improvement in my whole condition. Physically, mentally, and spiritually; I think they are hard to separate. If I had the smallest doubt of the power of acupuncture and prayer, it was quickly extinguished. About a week ago I was having a severe asthma attack and went in immediately. Within 10 minutes after the acupuncture and prayer, I was breathing normal. Fifteen minutes later I felt peace, and 20 minutes into the procedure I was falling asleep. I have no doubts that I am in the hands of people that care about my whole person. I’m just not a number. Rebecca, (a licensed massage therapist) also has had a big part in the healing process. She, along with Deb, Jeremy, and Patrick through God are working hard to help me become all that God has for me. I am so thankful to God and the staff.”



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